The Germanic Phrasebook - A Phrasebook of 17 Different Germanic Languages & Dialects

The Germanic Phrasebook

Welcome to the Germanic Phrasebook web site. This site was developed to allow the quick, easy, and cost-free distribution of the Germanic Phrasebook (first edition). The phrasebook is a compilation of several hundred important phrases and words in 17 different Germanic languages. The languages are: Afrikaans, Bavarian/Austrian, Dutch, English, German, Low Saxon (Low German) of Eastern Friesland, Luxembourgish, Mennonite Plautdietsch, Northern Low Saxon (Low German), Scots, Swiss German (from both Zurich and Bern), Westerlauwer Frisian, and Westphalian Low Saxon (Low German). Adobe Acrobat Reader is required. Click here to proceed!